Stephen Roger Powers

February 7, 2019

Highway Speed cover revealed.

Stephen’s first collection of short stories is coming out in October from Closet Skeleton Press. Today we reveal the cover, with thanks to artist and designer Mike Driscoll. Check back later for additional updates.

Highway Speed - Book Cover 2019.jpg

January 18, 2019

New poem published in As It Ought to Be Magazine.

“Dolly Floats” is the third part of a long poem. The first part was published in Stephen’s first book, The Follower’s Tale, and the second part was published in his second book, Hello, Stephen. The third part, published by As It Ought to Be Magazine, will also be in his forthcoming third book.

December 14, 2018

Two new poems published in Carbon Culture Review.

The first is “Travel Instills in Me a Certain Kind of Faith,” and the second is “No Working One’s Way In or Out.”